Diversified investment company

Chairman's Message

When we founded GDG in 1992, we set out to achieve our main goal of placing capital into businesses designed to generate a sustainable financial return and a tangible social impact. Since our inception, we have exceeded expectations having produced outstanding results from new business opportunities.


Our approach is based on investing into promising, dynamic companies across a variety of industries. To this day, and as always, all our partners are carefully vetted according to our stringent standards, in order to facilitate strong, mutually beneficial partnerships.


We are very proud of what we have accomplished since our company’s early days and to have emerged as one of the most highly regarded companies in the field. We have achieved this by pursuing a clear strategic vision and maintaining our passion for innovation, professionalism and excellence.


We consider our investment decisions a critical process in enhancing our portfolio of businesses and pride ourselves on our outstanding expertise which has contributed to the on-going success of the group.


We are committed to assisting our partners achieve their goals by supporting them throughout the partnership while encouraging them to expand and succeed. In doing so, we remain focused on improving the economies of the GCC and MENA regions where we operate. We also fully embrace the economic vision of creating sustainability while ensuring a balanced of social and regional economic development approach that benefits the ongoing development of the economy.


We would like to thank our partners and stakeholders for their confidence in us and look forward to welcoming many more successful and long-lasting relationships into our growing investment portfolio.


Hamad Jassim Al Darwish
Chairman and CEO